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Chiropractic Care

When you think of chiropractic, you probably associate it with your back. You’re far from alone! While there can be relief for many back-related ailments, the real story behind what we do is far more.

Inside of your spine runs your spinal cord. This cord is a continuation of your brain going out to the rest of your body. They’re a part of a greater system called your nervous system, which is responsible for everything you perceive and how you respond to it. Your brain and body need to talk to each other for this to occur, and your spinal cord is how the messages are sent.

How We Help You

As a chiropractor, Dr. Carolyn determines where there is stress that prevents your brain and body from communicating as they should. With a chiropractic adjustment, any stress present can be released so that the pathways are open between the brain and body. In doing so, we ensure your brain tells your body how to digest, sleep, heal and more. Your pain may go away, but we focus on the bigger picture of improving your overall function.

Our Gentle Approach

Dr. Carolyn combines several techniques during your adjustment. You won’t receive the same style of care at each visit. Instead, we change it based on what your body tells us and how you responded to your last adjustment.

Our primary technique is called Torque Release Technique®. It uses the Integrator™ instrument to deliver a precise adjustment without any force involved.

The CLA INSiGHT™ Scans

How will we know what your body needs? At Bright Futures Chiropractic we employ the advanced technology of the INSiGHT Subluxation Station. These scans assess your neurology to see how well your body adapts to stress and regulates all functions. Using them, we can mark your improvement as you progress through care and have objective measures of your health.

Want to experience the benefits of chiropractic? Contact our team now to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Carolyn!

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