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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Maryville

Are you expecting or hoping to become pregnant soon? There are many reasons that you should seek out pregnancy chiropractic care. As your body changes, you want to make sure you’re in the best shape possible for the sake of your baby and the delivery process. You may also notice common aches and pains that can keep you from enjoying your pregnancy. We want to support you every step of the way.

Why Expecting Moms Seek Us Out

As the biomechanics of your body change, you’ll become heavier in your belly and your center of gravity will alter. It’s common to experience back pain from these changes. As you approach your due date, you want your body to be able to better handle the stress of labor and delivery. Some moms see us because their baby is in the breech position. We’ll work to open the pelvis and loosen the muscles and ligaments around the uterus so the baby can have more room to move.

Keeping Your Safety in Mind

You won’t have to worry about your safety or that of your baby’s with us. We’ll have you lie on a special pillow for your adjustments, protecting your belly. Our approach is gentle and specific. There is no pressure on your abdomen or twisting involved. Your experience with us will be simple and relaxing for you.

The Frequency of Your Visits

If you’re early on in your pregnancy, we likely won’t need to see you more than about once a week. As your baby grows, we can recommend more frequent visits if we feel they’re necessary. Once you’re nearly ready to welcome your baby, you may want to see us more often to give your body the best chance for a successful birth.

The Webster Technique

Dr. Carolyn is certified in the Webster Technique created by Dr. Larry Webster. With this technique, we seek to have your pelvis opened up so your baby has more room to move. It also focuses on the alignment of your sacrum and the ligaments attached to the uterus.

Our CLA INSiGHT™ Technology

Expecting moms will go through the same process as any other new patient we see. You’ll have a consultation and examination with Dr. Carolyn, including scans taken with the INSiGHT Subluxation Station. There is no radiation or anything invasive involved in the scans. Just a brief touch with your skin will give us the readings we require.

Call our team at Bright Futures Chiropractic today to discuss pregnancy care Maryville! We have same-day appointments and convenient late opening hours.

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